Best Cars to Buy When Returning to India

So, one of the first things you’d want to consider buying when getting back to India is a car. Unless of course, you’ve decided to work from home or you have a short walk to the office. Or, you decide to carpool with others. In which case you need an app like Rideshare.

But if you need your space (and don’t mind sitting duck in traffic for hours during commute), you need a car.

In this article, we’ll look at which are the best cars you could buy when in India. Of course, for different budgets and use.

Best Cars Under 15 Lakhs

For those of you who want to start out small, while you get used to the hustle and bustle of India, a car under 15 lakhs would be ideal.

Recommended for:

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  • Couples or small families.
  • Daily commuters.
  • Frequent market-goers/shoppers.
  • City dwellers.

Here are the best cars under Rs.15 lakhs.

Ford Eco Sport

Best Cars to Buy When Returning to India 1

Ford Eco Sport is one car you’d see commonly on Indian roads. It’s a cross over and is an “almost SUV” but not quite there. With its space, technology, and larger than a usual car look, makes it popular in India.

Tata Altroz

Best Cars to Buy When Returning to India 2

Touted as India’s safest rated car, made almost entirely in India, Tata Altroz is 100% desi and proud of it. It’s however not your typical, compromise budget car. It’s a bit buffed up, amazing in tech features and of course, safe. On Indian roads, you’d mistake it for a premium car.

Honda Amaze

Best Cars to Buy When Returning to India 3

Honda Amaze is one of Honda’s budget cars that’s shot up in popularity recently. It’s pocket friendly and at the same time offers a bit more value in terms of space and looks. Many argue that it’s just an extended version of Honda Jazz (Honda’s small car) and offers nothing new in terms of engine power or features. Despite this argument, there are many takers for Honda Amaze in India.

Maruti Baleno

Best Cars to Buy When Returning to India 4

Maruti Baleno is Maruti’s superstar car for obvious reasons. Super economical, stylish, spacious and premium looks. This car ticks off many checkpoints for the first time car buyer. Safety is better than Dezire but not up to the standards of Tata Aitroz.

Maruti Dzire

Best Cars to Buy When Returning to India 5

Dzire is yet another superstar car from Maruti, a notch or two below the Baleno but still the most popular car on Indian roads. It’s super economical and affordable. Add to that the Maruti guarantee. Safety is a concern.

Best Cars Under 25 Lakhs

If you could squeeze in a little bit more, need more space and some luxury, you could find a good car under 20 lakhs. Ideal for a small family, here are the best.

Recommended for:

  • Couples and small families with kids.
  • Daily commuters & weekenders.
  • Apartment residents with parking space.

Tata Harrier

Best Cars to Buy When Returning to India 6

From the Tata stable, the Harrier with its sheer road presence and features has become the hot favorite of Indian roads.

Kia Seltos

Best Cars to Buy When Returning to India 7

If there’s one car that won over the Indian car buyer, the very first year of launch, it’s the Kia Seltos. Appears that Kia did its homework really well before launching this beauty and it shows.

With exclusive, first in class features, Kia Seltos is value for money in all ways.

Hyundai Creta

Best Cars to Buy When Returning to India 8

Before Kia Seltos came, Hyundai Creta was the undisputed choice of urban Indian population and truly so.

With loaded features, space, power and style, Hyundai Creta is no wonder still a hot favorite among the urban class in India.

There are many other cars beyond the 25 lakhs range but I guess when it comes to that league, more folks go by brand and luxury.

What is your choice and recommendation?

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