7 Challenges NRIs Face When Moving Back to India (How to Overcome)

Ah, the sweet call of home! The intoxicating fragrance of freshly made garam masala, the cacophony of the local vegetable market, the lively festivals – all beckoning you to return. But as an NRI contemplating moving back to India, you know there’s more to this move than just indulging in nostalgia.

Relocating is never an easy task, especially when it involves moving across continents. The challenges are numerous, and it is essential to understand and anticipate them. So, let’s discuss seven common challenges NRIs face when moving back to India and ways to overcome them.

1. Culture Shock

Yes, you heard that right! Even if India is your home, you may experience a culture shock when you return. The traffic, noise, population density – it can all be overwhelming.

Solution: Take it slow. Don’t expect to adjust overnight. Gradually expose yourself to the local environment, take time to understand the changes, and soon you’ll find yourself at home again.

2. Career Opportunities

While India’s economy is booming, finding the right job can still be a challenge. The job market is competitive, and your international experience might not always translate directly.

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Solution: Start your job search while still abroad. Connect with recruitment agencies, network extensively, use LinkedIn, and consider various sectors. Patience and persistence are key in your job hunt.

3. Education System Adjustment

For those with children, the Indian education system might be a significant change. Academic pressure and competition can be intense.

Solution: Research schools extensively. Consider international schools that offer a more global curriculum if that aligns with your child’s previous education. Communicate with your kids, let them express their concerns, and help them navigate the change.

4. Bureaucracy

Returning NRIs often find themselves entangled in the bureaucratic procedures for property purchase, taxes, and documentation.

Solution: Hire a reputable legal advisor to guide you through the red tape. Make sure all your documentation is in order, and be patient.

5. Lifestyle Changes

The leisure and luxuries you might be accustomed to abroad could differ from what’s available in India.

Solution: While the change might seem jarring initially, it’s also an opportunity to adapt to a simpler lifestyle. Discover new hobbies, explore the rich heritage of India, and find joy in the simple pleasures of life.

6. Healthcare Quality

Concerns about healthcare quality and infrastructure are common among returning NRIs.

Solution: India has numerous world-class hospitals and experienced doctors. Research and find a good healthcare plan that fits your needs. Regular health check-ups can help ensure you and your family stay healthy.

7. Emotional Challenges

The emotional toll of leaving a familiar environment and readjusting to a new one is often underestimated.

Solution: Maintain regular communication with your friends abroad, find a support system locally, and engage in activities you enjoy. Remember, it’s okay to feel overwhelmed and seek professional help if needed.

Moving back to India is like rereading a favourite book – you know the story, yet every reading offers something new. Every challenge is an opportunity to learn and grow.

Yes, there might be bumps along the way, but with a little preparation and a lot of patience, the journey can be just as rewarding as the destination.

So, pack your bags and embrace the adventure that awaits you in your homeland. Home, after all, is not just a place; it’s a feeling. Welcome back!

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