5+ Best Insurance for Parents Visiting USA

Looking for insurance for parents visiting USA? Here are the best options.

Medical expense in the US is notoriously expensive. That’s why you need travel insurance!

If you’ve ever been to the USA on a visit visa and fell sick, you’d know how bad it is. Even for common flu, you’ll need to shell out hundreds of dollars out of pocket.

Most Indians in America bring their parents and relatives to USA on visit visas (B1/B2). Getting temporary health insurance for them is super important, as any unfortunate event can prove to be ridiculously expensive.

This is where temporary health insurance or travel insurance is significant. Travel insurance will protect those visiting the USA against unexpected medical expenses.

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If you get travel insurance for say a few hundred dollars, it might protect you against huge costs of up to a few thousand dollars. The trade-off is significant.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best travel insurance for parents visiting USA.

Best Insurance for Parents Visiting USA

Here are the best travel insurance plans for parents visiting USA.

  1. Atlas America
  2. Patriot America Plus
  3. Safe Travels USA
  4. Visitor Secure and
  5. Safe Travels USA Comprehensive

1. Atlas America

Atlas America is a top-rated travel insurance plan for USA. It offers up to $2,000,000 in medical coverage to US visitors through this plan. It’s available to any non-U.S citizen visiting the USA and can be bought from five days to two years.

This travel insurance plan is sold by (Administrated) Trawick International and underwritten by GBG Insurance Ltd. Trawick International is a well-reputed insurance company in the USA.

What makes Atlas America interesting is that it covers the insurer against medical emergencies and acute onset of pre-existing conditions. Medical emergencies like hospital admissions, ambulance services, intensive care unit etc are covered under this plan.

For someone visiting USA for a longer period (say for example, six months or more) this travel insurance is an excellent plan.

2. Patriot America Plus

Administered by one of the most well-reputed insurance companies in the USA – IMG Global, Patriot America Plus is a well-designed travel insurance plan for USA.

It is underwritten by Sirius International, and offers good benefits to US visitors. Under this plan, after the deductible is paid, the company pays 100% in-network and 80% up to $5,000 outside network (then 100%).

Almost all the major emergencies, hospital visits, urgent care, prescription drugs, and treatments are covered under this plan.

3. Safe Travels USA

Another superstar insurance plan from Trawick International, Safe Travels USA is a great plan for those visiting USA, and are under 90 years of age.

This plan use the First Health PPO network, a widely popular hospital and provider network in USA. You won’t have any problem finding a hospital/doctor near you with this plan.

The highlight of this plan is that the deductible options are varied and range from $0 to $5,000. For in-network coverage, this plan pays 100% of the policy maximum.

Also, Safe Travels USA is one of those few plans that pay up to $1000 of covered expenses in case of sudden recurrence of pre-existing conditions.

It’s also one of those few plans that provide $50,000 policy maximum for persons aged 80 – 89 years. This makes it a popular travel insurance plan for folks in that age range.

4. Visitor Secure

Administered by Tokio Marine HCC MIS group and underwritten by Lloyd’s of London, Visitor Secure is a good travel insurance plan for U.S.

It’s a low-cost plan and the benefits are limited. The highlight of this plan is that you can visit any Doctor of your choice. The disadvantage is that the plan only pays a fixed amount for expenses.

So let’s say the plan decides the cost for hospital admission is $1000 when the actual bill is $2000, you have to pay $1000 out of pocket. Yikes!

But for those looking for a cheap plan, Visitors Secure is a great choice.

5. Safe Travels USA Comprehensive

Administered by Trawick International and underwritten by GBG Insurance Pvt Ltd, Safe Travels USA Comprehensive is a great plan for US visitors.

Under this plan, you can choose from $50,000 to $1,000,000 for medical policy maximum. Outside of the network, the plan pays 80% of the first $5,000 and 100% thereafter for covered expenses after the deductible is satisfied.

It offers coverage for unfortunate situations like baggage loss, trip interruption, accidental death, etc.

Types of Insurance for Parents Visiting USA

There are essentially two types of insurance plans for parents visiting USA.

Fixed Coverage Insurance Plans for Parents

This will only cover a portion of your medical expenditures; the rest is your responsibility. If the “fixed amount” is modest and the medical cost is considerable, you will have to pay a large portion yourself.

Comprehensive Coverage Insurance Plans for Parents

This sort of insurance pays a portion of your medical bills up to a limit. Then it will cover 100% up until the policy maximum.

Best Travel Insurance for USA – FAQ

Now, let’s look at some frequently answered questions.

Which is the best insurance for parents visiting USA?

The best insurance for parents visiting USA is Atlas America.

Is travel insurance necessary for USA?

No. Travel insurance is not mandatory for US visits but it is highly recommended, as a medical expense in the USA is very high.

Where to buy travel insurance for USA?

The best place to buy travel insurance for the USA are online websites like Insubuy or directly from the company. Companies like Insubuy have price comparison engines and more details sometimes than direct company websites.

Which travel insurance should I buy for USA?

It would depend on your age, duration of the trip, etc. Atlas America, Patriot America Plus, etc are all amazing travel insurance plans.

Which insurance to buy for parents visiting USA?

The best insurance for parents visiting USA are comprehensive travel insurance plans as they offer more features and coverage than limited plans. The best insurance plans to buy for parents visiting USA are Atlas America, Patriot America, Safe Travels USA etc (see full list above).

Insurance for elderly parents visiting USA

For elderly parents visiting USA, the best plans are those that cover pre-existing conditions. Check the list above for the best plan recommendations.

How to Buy US Travel Insurance for My Parents?

In the US, you must purchase private health insurance for visitors. There are various plans with varying levels of coverage, so do your homework before settling on one.

You may shop for your parents’ health insurance on comparison sites like Insubuy.

What is Included in Visitor Health Insurance Plan for my Parents?

There are some medical treatments that all insurance carriers cover but to various degrees. Compare several visitors health insurance policies for your parents to choose the one that best suits their requirements. Most health plans cover the following medical procedures:

  • Doctor’s consultation
  • The hospital room cost
  • Prescription medication prices
  • Surgical methods
  • Ambulance and ER services
  • Lab and X-ray fees
  • Physical Therapy

Some plans do not cover the following.

  • Dental,Maternity,Pregnancy
  • Disabilities
  • D&D (accidental death and dismemberment)

If you’ve bought any of the plans above or have experience buying travel insurance for US visits, please share below in the comments.

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