Billion Dreams – A Virtual Job Fair for NRIs Returning to India!

Good news for all of you looking for jobs. A virtual job fair for NRIs returning to India and looking for jobs!

If you’d ask me what is the biggest concern for NRIs returning to India, it would be jobs. Finding jobs precisely.

The problem is not with candidates though. NRI candidates are always well experienced and qualified. The problem is that there isn’t a reliable platform or channel to look for.

Recruiters in India are not used to helping NRI candidates. They aren’t sure how to deal with NRI candidates, as we don’t have a standardized approach yet.

Billion Dreams - A Virtual Job Fair for NRIs Returning to India! 1

Global Talent Exchange, a Bangalore based company is trying to solve this issue. They’re organizing a virtual job fair on the 18th and 25th of September, 2020, where they’ll be offering a virtual platform for NRI job seekers to apply for jobs and connect with Indian companies.

According to the company, there’s going to be panel discussions, interviews, keynote addresses and a job fair on these dates.

The event brings together leading technology companies like Walmart Global Tech India, Intel, Diageo, Razorpay, Dream11, and CasaOne under one roof looking to hire real-time global talent and have begun posting jobs via the platform.

If you’d like to unlock opportunities to find new jobs during this time of crisis, this event can help.

All the best to the event. 👏

Fair disclosure: This event is organized by a private entity and the BackToIndia community is not affiliated with it. We support this event through a sponsored engagement.

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