OCI Card Application Process for Returning US Citizens

OCI is a type of immigration status that was introduced to help foreign nationals of Indian origin obtain an alternative to dual citizenship. The Overseas Citizenship of India or OCI card is a type of visa that enables its holder to live and work in India for an indefinite period of time. As a result of this, many individuals from various fields have opted for the OCI card in order to stay in the country.

The list of famous people who possess the OCI status includes the likes of retired cricketer Muttiah Muralidharan, computer scientist C. Mohan, and businessman Tony Fernandes, among others.

If you too want to apply for an OCI card for the benefits that come along with it, here is the application process.

Step 1: Fill Part A of the OCI Form

The OCI form is made up of two main parts, Part A and Part B.

First, Part A of the form needs to be filled online and a hard copy of the form needs to be printed. While doing this, you can choose the application type as family group or individual applicant.

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You can go to Ministry of Home Affairs website and click on “OCI Registration” to fill Part A.

Some Helpful Guidelines for Family Group Application

While filling Part A for a family group:

  • If you have a family of 4 members (2 minors and spouses), then Part A can be filled in a single form.
  • If there are more than 2 minors, the application for the third and subsequent children needs to be filled as an individual applicant.

Keep in mind that you cannot make any modifications once the printout has been taken. If you have made a mistake while filling Part A, there is an option to correct it through Miscellaneous Services.

Step 2: Fill Part B of the OCI Form

After submitting Part A, a print window will appear. This will allow you to print both, the filled in Part A and a blank Part B. You will also receive an acknowledgement number to show that the application has been submitted.

Part B needs to be filled in blue or black ink in capital letters. There is no need to submit the instructions leaflet along with the form, but you need to sign both forms.

Step 3: Submit your Application

There are two ways of submitting your OCI application, through mail or in person. All the OCI applications need to be submitted via CKGS, since the Indian consulates do not accept direct submissions.

  • To submit it in person, you need to schedule an appointment with the CKGS and visit the center only at that scheduled time and date.
  • To submit it through mail, send the completed courier service form to the CKGS application center.

You can track the status of your application using the tracking ID and passport number.

Next Steps After Submission of Application

Your application will take 8 to 10 weeks to get processed. There can be delays due to incomplete details. Meanwhile, you can do the following:

  • Apply for your OCI card. It will take around 60 days for the card to be processed.
  • Send your original US passport to the embassy after the card is received by the consulate you had applied to.

If you have any doubts, feel free to comment below and ask your question.

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