10 Social Impact Organizations in India for NRIs to Get Involved With

Hello to my fellow globe-trotting Desis! Feeling a bit nostalgic, are we? Longing to contribute back to the homeland?

Well, you’re in luck!

India, with its vibrant civil society, is brimming with social impact organizations that would love your involvement. Here are ten such organizations that could use your time, resources, or expertise.

1. Goonj

Goonj is a unique NGO that focuses on using urban discards to trigger development work in rural areas. Their key initiatives include disaster relief, menstrual hygiene, and community development.

Website: Goonj

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2. Akshaya Patra

Akshaya Patra runs the world’s largest mid-day meal program, providing wholesome food to over 1.8 million children across India. They are continuously expanding their footprint with the help of donations and volunteer work.

Website: Akshaya Patra

3. Pratham

Pratham’s mission is to ensure that every child is in school and learning well. With programs spanning from preschool to vocational training, Pratham is creating a significant impact on education in India.

Website: Pratham

4. GiveIndia

GiveIndia is an online donation platform that allows you to support a cause of your choice from about 200+ vetted NGOs. A great way to ensure your donation reaches the right people.

Website: GiveIndia

5. SEWA (Self-Employed Women’s Association)

SEWA is a trade union that supports self-employed women workers across India. They focus on women’s rights, workers’ rights, and social security.

Website: SEWA

6. The Ugly Indian

The Ugly Indian is an anonymous collective that cleans up dirty spots in Indian cities. If you’re back in India and want to get your hands dirty (literally), join one of their “spot fixes”.

Website: The Ugly Indian

7. Teach For India

Teach For India enlists India’s most promising young leaders in their two-year Fellowship program, where they serve as full-time teachers in under-resourced schools.

Website: Teach For India

8. Barefoot College

Barefoot College empowers rural communities by training rural women and men to become Barefoot Solar Engineers, teachers, doctors, and more.

Website: Barefoot College

9. Wildlife SOS

Wildlife SOS works to protect Indian wildlife, conserve habitat, study biodiversity, conduct research, and create alternative and sustainable livelihoods for communities dependent on wildlife.

Website: Wildlife SOS

10. Breakthrough

Breakthrough uses innovative strategies to fight deeply entrenched social issues like gender discrimination, domestic violence, and sexual harassment.

Website: Breakthrough

From women’s rights to wildlife conservation, there’s a cause for every passion in India.

And in this digital age, distance doesn’t matter. Whether you’re back in India or sitting thousands of miles away, you can still make a difference.

Happy giving!

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