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Mani Karthik here.

Thank you for showing interest in supporting this community. Truly appreciate it! 🙂

As you might already know, this community started off as a weekend project when I was working in the US in 2017.

All I wanted to do was create a one-page checklist to help those NRIs wanting to return to India. But, what happened later totally surprised me!

The website went on to become a viral hit and the Indian diaspora embraced it. Since then, this website has evolved to become a movement, with an active community backing it up.

All of us are united by one thought – to help NRIs return back to India and make #ReverseBrainDrain possible.

I did a TEDx talk about my journey as well.

Today, we have several Facebook, Telegram, Forum and WhatsApp groups for every major city in India and USA, for every profession and interest, and it’s growing as I write this.

The enthusiasm from NRIs showing support to this project is amazing!

Many have asked me what do I plan to do about it. Here are my answers.

  • This is a community project, I’m merely facilitating it.
  • I have no intention to make it a service or a product.
  • Essentially, this project is an organized effort by NRIs to help each other.

Having said that, there are costs and efforts required to maintain this project clean and organized. And I can use some help in that regard.

Here are some areas where we could use help.

  • Community moderators for forum & WhatsApp groups.
    For help with curating, organizing and keeping the groups running clean.
  • Hosts who can arrange and run local meetups for the group members.
    We’ve done meetups in Hyderabad and Bangalore and plan to do more in every city.
  • Content curators
    Many questions get repeated in the community and I usually keep a tab of them and journal them either in the blog or forum. But some extra pairs of eyes will always benefit.
  • Financial help
    We do have server maintenance and running costs for tech. All of which are currently covered by me. For example, our domain alone ( is a premium one and costs $2,500. (I could have gotten a cheap $1 domain but didn’t want to settle for a tongue twister.)

Currently, all the costs incurred for this project are funded by two famous financial companies Visa and Mastercard (aka my Credit Card) 😀

Mani Karthik

So, as you can see there are different aspects of this project that needs help. I never did envision it to grow this way, but it has and it’s a good thing. I want to nurture it as we go along.

If you are as excited as I am about this project and want to contribute in any of the areas above, please ping me on WhatsApp (+919895011411).

If you feel like donating/subscribing to this project monetarily, you may do so with the PayPal button below. (I’ll take you out to lunch in return, if we meet one day 🙂 )

Thanks much!


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If you feel strongly about this movement, please show the support.

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Lots of love! 🙂

Let’s make #ReverseBrainDrain a reality!

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