8 Things to Consider Buying As You Return to India

So, if you’re like many in this community, you’re planning how to ship your stuff back to India, which school to place the kids in and on the lookout for your next apartment.

There’s one thing we miss amidst all the hassle though. Immediate purchases.

I know, it sounds like a trivial, silly thing, but trust me, when I moved back to India in 2017, I went through this.

I was under the impression that I knew India inside out. After all, I just spent seven years outside India. What could happen?

A lot. A whole lot.

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Unlike the U.S, one year means a whole lot of changes in a rapidly changing world like India.

In the US, one year may not bring a lot of visible changes. But in India, there would be new buildings, new bridges, a whole lot of new stores and whatnot.

Many NRIs who return to India, usually fail to acknowledge this. That in India, one year means five years of change. That’s how she grows.

Most NRIs are stuck in time usually, at the time they left India and expect things to be the same when they return.

And boy, they’re in for a surprise.

So, when you return, you’ll need some time to get a grip on things.

From my experience, you need to consider buying these things, as soon as you return to India from the US (or any other country for that matter).

1. Medical Insurance

Those who lived in the U.S know the importance of medical insurance already. In India, insurance is usually considered as “life insurance” and not “medical insurance”. This is unfortunate in my opinion.

Luckily, there are many good medical insurance companies and plans available today that protect you against unfortunate medical emergencies.

Picking one gives you protection against unfortunate events. The earlier the better.

Use a comparison engine like this one to choose a plan that fits you.

2. Voltage converters

8 Things to Consider Buying As You Return to India 1

If you’ve brought your appliances from the US to India, you might want to consider buying one of that 220V to 11V converters so that your appliances don’t get fried.

Here is a good list of 220V to 110V converters that work for US appliances.

3. Mosquito Repellants

If you live in a city where there is a mosquito problem, you might want to get some mosquito repellants to keep you safe from not just the bites, but diseases like dengue and malaria.

Many who have lived for so long in the US wouldn’t understand how big of an issue this is in certain pockets in India.

It’s better to take precautions than fall sick and regret it.

There are plenty of options from fabric roll-ons to the indigenous “tennis racquet”. Even herbal remedies.

4. Mobile Phone & a Data Plan

This goes without saying but FYI, some of your US mobile phones might not work in India. Especially if it is on a contract and work entirely on the triband network.

I’ve heard mixed opinion on this though. Some folks have reported that they were able to use their US phones while some had to buy new ones.

Just like Amazon, India has Amazon India and Flipkart if you are looking for good mobile phones to buy.

5. A car or scooter/bike

8 Things to Consider Buying As You Return to India 2

Traffic is a big issue in India.

And one of the main reasons it is on the rise is everyone using their own cars. If you’re getting a new car, consider the traffic in your city.

Chances are that you might be better off commuting on a scooter or bike than a car.

There are websites like CarDekho and CarWale where you can compare prices and choose your vehicle easily.

There are even electric scooters/bikes like this one too in India.

Via – Aniket Chandra

6. Zipper bags

For those of you who are used to Zipper bags, you might want to buy a whole lot of them once back in India.

You may not get the same quality in India, as in the US, but there are a lot of options available in India.

Via – Swapnil.

7. Water purifier

8 Things to Consider Buying As You Return to India 3

Most cities and communities in India provide good quality water. But new returnees might take some time to get used to it.

While at it, it might be a good idea to get a water purifier for your home.

Unlike in the U.S, there are many options available for water purifiers in India. Here are some of the top sellers.

8. Air Purifier

8 Things to Consider Buying As You Return to India 4

Just like water purifiers, I think an Air purifier is a must if you live in cities.

Kids are prone to fall sick due to the sudden exposure (though they grow immunity later) and might need one in their room where they spend time most.

There are a whole lot of air purifiers available these days with all kinds of technologies available online. Here are a few good ones.

What else can you think of? Let us know in the comments.

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