Planning to Move to India Soon? Here are 10 Things You Should Do While in USA

Looking for a better job, education or quality of life, thousands of Indians migrate to the USA. But, after they have spent a considerable amount of time here, many feel their homeland calling them back. In case you’re one of these people, here are some things you need to take care of before you book a flight back home.

Connect with other Returnees

Before you start planning your move back to India, it would be a good idea to contact friends who have already moved back to India. Ask them for tips and mistakes to avoid.

You might want to start off posting your questions in our community or in the city-based groups.

Load Up on Money

After years of stressful work in the USA, you would probably want to take a short break after you arrive in India. So, it’s best to accumulate some funds and transfer it to your Indian bank account to ease the process of transition.

Notify the Apartment Authority in Time

If you don’t give your apartment authority sufficient notice, they are likely to levy a penalty on you. In case you own a house or apartment, it’s best to sell it if you’re moving permanently. Let the government know that you’re moving by redirecting your address.

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Start Looking for a Job in India

It might be possible that you will be continuing with the same organization even after moving back to India. If not, you should start browsing through Indian job portals while you’re still in the USA.

You can try Return to India jobs as well.

Sell off Big Items

Taking your car, TV, refrigerator, etc., with you to India might not be a good idea since the transportation costs can be hefty. It’s best to sell them off. However, don’t wait until the last week to do so. Otherwise, you might end up getting a poor deal.

Ship Necessary Items

Categorize your remaining stuff into things you wish to sell, donate and ship. Make sure you choose a shipping company that is affordable and reliable, and that you pack all your stuff properly into cardboard boxes.

Check out the reputed USA to India shipping companies here.

Take Care of the Legal Stuff

Close all your credit cards, lock your social security number (SSN) and clear your taxes. Don’t make the mistake of indulging in any fraudulent activities.

Apply for Aadhaar and PAN card

You’ll need these two for almost anything you want to do in India, from getting a mobile phone to opening a bank account.

You’ll get Aadhaar UID on arrival if you have a valid passport and visa – Source.

Spouse and Kids

In case you have a partner who is American-born, you must prepare them as well as your kids for life in India. This includes teaching them the Indian language that you are likely to speak once you’re back.

Also, you’ll need to make a very important decision regarding your children’s education. Choose an education board and school that will be ideal for them. Furthermore, if you have kids, they will need an OCI card to enter legally into India. You can get it from the Indian Embassy.

Go See Places!

Since you don’t know when you’ll be returning to USA again, you should go and visit all the places that you had been planning to see but never got around to.

Bid America a proper goodbye.

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4 thoughts on “Planning to Move to India Soon? Here are 10 Things You Should Do While in USA”

  1. Hi Mani, I follow your blogs and facebook page. I recently joined your facebook page too. Its long pending, but we finally decided to move to india for good in 2021 with two US born kids and being here in US for 10 years.
    Your posts and ideas are going to help us big time. Is there a whatsapp group for chennai people who moved to india ?
    Are you conducting any social meetings with similar people in chennai, where i can join remote?

  2. Hello Mani,
    I read your blogs. Its very helpful. Also I would like to be a part of your whatsapp group to discuss about schooling and all. I am a house wife here. I don’t have paypal account. Can you add me , without the 20$.

    THanks much


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