Things You’ll Miss When Returning from USA to India

You’ve made the choice! The prodigal child is set to return from the Land of the Free to the Land of Festivities.

While the prospect of being reunited with Indian flavors and family is exhilarating, you can’t help but think about what you might leave behind.

Not the big stuff, we’re talking about the little things, those everyday conveniences and quirks that you never thought you’d miss. Grab some tissues (or a samosa) and let’s take a roller-coaster ride of emotions.

1. Clean Public Restrooms: The Unsung Heroes

The Charm of the Super Clean Loos

Public restrooms in the US have spoiled you. Period.

Desi Tip:

Invest in hand sanitizers and disposable toilet seat covers for your initial days back in India. Remember the age-old Indian mantra: “Jugaad” (innovate)!

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2. 24/7 Convenience Stores: The Midnight Saviors

Midnight Ice-Cream Cravings

Missing those trips to the nearest Walmart or 7-Eleven for late-night snacks?

Desi Tip:

Indian cities are catching up with 24/7 stores, but for the authentic Indian midnight snack experience, your mom’s kitchen is unbeatable.

3. Smooth Roads: The Unsung Ballet

Oh, The Joy of Cruise Control!

Those silky highways where your car glides as if in a dream, it’s poetry.

Desi Tip:

Embrace the adventurous Indian roads as a real-life video game. Dodging potholes can be… fun?

4. Netflix USA Library: The Binge-Loss

That Vast Ocean of Content

Your favorite shows might not be available in the Indian Netflix library!

Desi Tip:

Welcome to the land of Bollywood and endless Indian soap operas. Trust us, the drama is worth it.

5. The Silence: The Golden Peace

The Quiet Suburban Evenings

Those moments of serenity in your backyard, sipping coffee and watching squirrels.

Desi Tip:

Replace that silence with the cacophony of Indian streets, festivals, and weddings. It’s a symphony in its own right.

6. Central Heating: The Toasty Delight

Warm and Cozy Winters

Indian winters can be chilly, and central heating isn’t standard.

Desi Tip:

Reacquaint yourself with the joy of quilts, hot water bottles, and that classic Indian ‘kangri’ in colder regions.

7. Diverse Food Choices: The Global Platter

Mexican on Monday, Thai on Tuesday

The melting pot of global cuisines at every corner can be sorely missed.

Desi Tip:

India offers a rich culinary diversity. From spicy Punjabi dishes to sweet Bengali desserts, there’s a lot to explore.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will I ever get used to the Indian hustle and bustle again?

Absolutely! It might feel overwhelming at first, but the rhythm of India will soon feel like home again.

2. What if I can’t find my favorite American brand in India?

Many global brands are available in India now, but it’s also a chance to explore Indian brands that might just surprise you.

3. Will I be able to find American food in India?

Major cities have a growing number of restaurants offering authentic American food. Plus, don’t forget the DIY option with online recipes.

4. How different is the tech scene in India compared to the USA?

India has a booming tech scene, especially in cities like Bangalore. While there might be differences, India is firmly on the global tech map.

5. What if I miss the American festivities?

Indians love celebrations. You’ll have Diwali, Holi, Eid, Christmas, and many more to keep you busy.

Plus, Thanksgiving dinners are becoming popular in Indian metro cities too.

So, as you pack your bags and get ready for the homecoming, cherish these American memories.

They’ll be the stories you’ll regale your Indian friends with over chai.

The blend of the American dream and the Indian spirit will be your unique symphony.

Safe travels, globetrotter! 🇮🇳❤️🌏🇺🇸

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