Union Bank International Credit Card (Visa) Review

Is the Union Bank International Visa Credit Card good enough if it doesn’t offer a lot of benefits? Read on to know more. 

The Union Bank International Visa Credit Card offers a host of privileges, including shopping, ticket bookings, dining, travel, entertainment and much more. The card is offered in multiple variants, such as Classic, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Signature.

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Among these, the Signature variant offers the most benefits, which include a rewards program. Here’s more.

Union Bank International Credit Card (Visa) Features

  1. No annual or renewal fee
  2. Spending limit of 20% of the yearly gross salary, as per your latest pay slip
  3. Interest free period of 50 days
  4. Card holders are given a flexible payment option. They can make online bill payments via internet banking. 
  5. Fuel surcharge is waived off entirely on fuel transactions between ₹400 and ₹4,000.
  6. Card holders can make online transactions securely through the Verified by Visa platform. SMS alerts are sent for all transactions.
  7. Yu can get your high-end purchases converted into EMI payments at competitive interest rates. The tenure for the EMIs ranges from 3 to 28 months.
  8. Cardholders are provided complimentary personal accident cover. The insurance amount depends on the card variant. Classic card holders can get air accident cover worth ₹2 lakhs and regular accident cover worth ₹1 lakh. For Silver card holders, the covers are worth ₹4 lakhs and ₹2 lakhs, respectively. Gold and Platinum card holders can get cover worth ₹8 lakhs and ₹5 lakhs, respectively, while Signature card holders can get cover worth ₹10 lakhs and ₹6 lakhs, respectively. 
  9. Under the “Union Instant Cash” facility, card holders can withdraw cash up to ₹1,000 at select merchant outlets. The bank charges ₹100 fee for each transaction.
  10. Card holders can avail the 24/7 hot listing facility and get an ₹1,000 lost card liability protection after they have reported the loss of the card.
  11. The Signature card is a higher variant of the Union Bank International Visa Credit Card. It provides a variety of additional privileges, catering to the international market. These include EMV chip for better protection, free lounge access at domestic and international airports (two per quarter), the Union Rewardz program, 10% discount at over 1,200 restaurants and 5%-10% discount on car rentals outside India. 
  12. Under the Union Rewardz Program for the Signature Card, card holders are awarded points on online and PoS transactions of more than ₹100. The accrued points can be redeemed for gift vouchers, travel tickets, merchandise, etc. For every ₹100 you spend, you get 4 reward points. You can redeem these points once you have accumulated 100 points.
  13. Applicants for the Union Bank International Visa Credit Card need to meet the stipulated income criteria. For obtaining the Signature Credit Card, the annual income of the applicant must be above ₹5 lakhs.  


  1. The Union Bank International Visa Credit Card doesn’t provide as many benefits as credit cards offered by some other banks. 


  1. No annual or renewal fee
  2. Attractive interest rate


  1. Benefits offered aren’t at par with other premium credit cards

What is your opinion about this credit card?

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