Stop pretending 1

Stop pretending.
The accent gives it away.

India needs you. Come back.
Join the community.

Stop pretending 2





Get your Aadhaar on!

Aadhaar card is your new SSN. Make sure you get one when you land. You’ll need it for everything. Telephone connection, gas, electricity..

Stop pretending 3
Stop pretending 4

Change your address

Let them know you’re moving. Redirect your old address to new. Cut all the ties. Let the old fade out…

Get your PAN card bruh!

You’ll need a PAN card for everything in India. Banks, Mobile wallets.. everything. Apply online now!

Stop pretending 5
Stop pretending 6

Find a job when you can

Indian economy is booming. Startups are plenty. Talent is much in demand. Start seeking.

Thinking of building the next Flipkart?

Startups are hot in India. But getting started isn’t easy. Don’t go expecting a silly-valley. There are hurdles you should know.

Stop pretending 7
Stop pretending 8

Get rid of your stuff

Got a house? Sell it. Got a car? Sell it. Sell everything you’ve collected over the years. Books? Donate them.

Close your credit cards!

Say good bye to bad debt. Say hello to e-wallets and cash. Consolidate your credit cards and pay off whatever you owe. Start clean.

Stop pretending 9
Stop pretending 10

Keep your number

Don’t lose your US number. If you have a VOIP phone, retain it. If not, get one. You can use it in India over WiFi.

Get OCI cards for your kids!

Were your kids born in the US? Get them a OCI card from the Indian embassy so that they can enter India legally. It is a long process, so act fast & early!

Stop pretending 11
Stop pretending 12

Go see places!

Don’t panic. There are many places in the US that you should see before leaving. Use the opportunity to travel and enjoy yourself!

Ship your stuff!

Pack your stuff, put them into boxes and find a cheap shipping company. Ship it!

Stop pretending 13
Stop pretending 14

Send your money to India

You’ll love how USD converts to INR. But make sure you save enough and send it over to your Indian bank account before the move.

Be clean with Taxes

The IRS won’t forget you that soon. So, don’t leave any “unfinished business” behind. They let you finish up things, even when in India.

Stop pretending 15
Stop pretending 16

Get a fast Internet connection

You are going to miss your high speed internet. But hey, India is fast catching up. Do your research before picking up the best internet in India.

Prepare for the hustle & bustle

India is growing fast. She doesn’t look anything like how she was 5 years back. But in her chaos emerge beautiful patterns. Buckle up rodeo!

Stop pretending 17
Stop pretending 18

Prepare for a new life!

Living is India might be crazy. You’ll have to put up with lot of struggles. Traffic, pollution..But hey, it’s the 2nd cheapest country to live in the world and the most promising. Think!

Get ready to celebrate!

India is the land of celebrations. Diwali, Holi, Bihu, Vaisakhi, Pongal, Onam…. whatever your thing is. Get ready to celebrate like mad! And comes with it, lots of holidays! Now, that’s a good thing. No?

Stop pretending 19

Enjoy your move! Wish you all the best.

Horn. Ok. Please.

Stop pretending 20