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DemiAccess to Main Facebook Group (12 K+ Members), Telegram (800+ Members) & WhatsApp Main Group (200+ Members)
ShortDemi + One WhatsApp City Group
TallShort + Two WhatsApp City Groups
GrandeTall + One WhatsApp Professional Group
VentiGrande + Three WhatsApp Professional Groups
TrentaAll Groups + Exclusive Invite + Personal Consultation + Webinar Invites + References to Services & Tools (Movers, Consultants, Personal Finance Experts etc)

Back to India is a community-driven project where both returnees and aspiring returnees come together and share information we know to help each other make the move.

We have private Facebook, Telegram, and WhatsApp groups for every major city in India.

All these groups include NRI folks who have already made the move, are in the process of moving, or planning to move at some point.

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Also, we have interest & passion-driven groups like personal finance enthusiasts, organic farming enthusiasts, physicians groups etc.

At the moment, these are limited and are available only to contributing members.

Details below on how you can join in.

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Return to India City Groups

These city-based groups are intended to promote discussions that are locally relevant and significant to the place and may not fit the larger, broader group.

Ex: Sharing experiences about school admissions in a city, getting first-hand reviews about a local apartment, etc.

This way we can keep the focus on high-level topics on the main groups.

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How to join Return to India WhatsApp Groups

If you’d like to get added to city groups, please become a contributing member (PayPal details below) and message me on WhatsApp (at +14084894785) with your details (email id with which you made the contribution).

Please keep in mind that spots are limited in each group, so please make your choice limited to one group, so you can give a chance for everyone to participate.

Currently, we have the following WhatsApp groups live and kicking with discussions. (Rated based on activity)

  1. Delhi ⭐
  2. Mumbai ⭐
  3. Pune ⭐⭐
  4. Chennai ⭐⭐
  5. Ahmedabad⭐
  6. Kochi⭐
  7. Hyderabad⭐⭐⭐⭐
  8. Bengaluru⭐⭐⭐⭐
  9. Coimbatore⭐

Interest Groups

These groups are limited in participants’ numbers (WA allows only 256 members) and therefore restricted only to our supporters at this point.

We also have interest-driven groups where discussions on a particular focus topic happen.

Currently, we have the following interest groups.

  1. Personal Finance (Folks who are finance enthusiasts)
  2. Farming (Folks who wanna pursue farming after returning)
  3. Real Estate (Folks interested in buying and selling properties – This is a Telegram group)
  4. Doctors (All the physicians who moved)
  5. Entrepreneurs (Folks who have solid plans to start businesses on their own)

Due to spam threats, we cannot share the group info publicly.

But if you’d like to join one of these groups, and are one of our supporters, please message me on WhatsApp at +14084894785 with the email id you made the donation with.

We have the open-to-all free community here. Please feel free to join –

Rules to participate in the groups

  • Please avoid advertisements.
  • Please avoid sharing personal information.
  • Please avoid soliciting of any kind.
  • Please avoid private messages uncalled for.
  • Please avoid sharing jokes, forwards.
  • Please avoid political discussions.
  • Absolutely no racial/identity-related bias/slurs, discussions that may come in bad taste.
  • Please always check with admin if you’re unsure of posting anything.
  • Rule of thumb is to participate first, add value to the group before doing anything else.
  • Groups should be used to share and discuss topics related to return to India only.

Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a subscription or one-time payment?

One-time payment.

How can I make a payment?

Please use the PayPal buttons above.

What happens after you make the payment?

Please WhatsApp +919895011411 with the email address that you made the payment with.

What groups will I get access to?

You’ll get access to the groups as mentioned above.

Illustration courtesy – Frebin Mathew Lal

I'm an Entrepreneur, Blogger & Mentor. Having lived in the USA for almost 7 years, I got bored and returned back to India. While doing so, created this website as a way to curate and journal my experiences. Today, it's a movement with a large community behind it. I hope this website helps NRIs planning to move back to India, make their transition smooth and easy. Feel free to ask any questions you may have. Happy to help!