Back to India Webinars

Good news for aspiring returnees!

We’re organizing a series of webinars on various topics related to Returning to India. Topics like finance, investment, relocation, schooling, family, etc.

In fact, on all the topics that NRIs have burning questions on.

“All Hands” Webinar!

Here’s where we all huddle up every month, and share all the information we know on topics and questions from aspiring returnees!

Great way to get your burning questions answered and create a checklist for your return.

These are completely free webinars where anyone can participate.

Expert Webinars!

Once a while, we invite experts from their respective fields and address questions raised by community members.

We have experts from personal finance, education, recruitment and pretty much every other topic that returnees have interest in.

If you’d like to attend these webinars, please register using the form below and we shall intimate you when we have a webinar coming up.

What topics would be covered on webinars?

We try to bring in experts/panelists who can help answer our member questions. The topics revolve around personal finance, investment, shipping, kids and family, education, experience after moving back to India, etc.

Are the webinars paid or free?

Some webinars are paid while some are free.

The fee for paid webinars covers out logistics expenses (software subscriptions, charges for speaker consultation, etc).

Can I ask questions during webinars?

Yes. All registered participants will be able to ask their questions and we’ll try best to answer all of them individually on the webinar.

If there are many questions that cannot be covered in the given time, participants can vote up others/their questions, and the most upvoted questions will be answered on priority.

If you want to ask a question ahead of time, please ask through the form here.

How long will the webinars last?

Each webinar will be for a minimum of one hour and a maximum of 3 hours. All participants will be told about how long the webinars are going to be well ahead of time.

How can I register for a webinar?

We shall announce about upcoming webinars on our groups (Facebook, WhatsApp and Telegram). You can register as and when they are launched. The registration links will be shared in the groups.

If you aren’t part of the groups yet, please sign up on

Do you take requests?

Yes. If you’d like to have a webinar run on a specific topic, please let us know and we will arrange an expert panel who can answer your questions/topics.

I'm an Entrepreneur, Blogger & Mentor. Having lived in the USA for almost 7 years, I got bored and returned back to India. While doing so, created this website as a way to curate and journal my experiences. Today, it's a movement with a large community behind it. I hope this website helps NRIs planning to move back to India, make their transition smooth and easy. Feel free to ask any questions you may have. Happy to help!