Best Step Down Transformers for Making US Appliances Work in India

So, one of the questions that get asked in the community is how to bring your TVs to India. The next common question is how to make US appliances like TV, gaming consoles work in India.

For those of you wondering what’s there to “make it work”, here’s the thing.

The household power supply in the US is usually ay 110V and most appliances are designed to work in this power range.

However, in India, the power supply is at 220V. So, if you try to plug and play US appliances, as-is in India, there are high chances for it to get fried.

I was skeptic about this at first and plugged in my Xbox gaming console straight into a power outlet at home (after returning to India).

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Puff! There were smoke and some burned smell. That’s it.

I think the connecter got fried because that’s where the smoke came from. So I tried to get a replacement from Amazon for around Rs.1,000 and that didn’t work either.

So, that was the end of my trials, making US appliances work in India.

Now, the solution to this a step-down transformer.

What is a step-down transformer?

It’s a device that scales down the power input from 220 V to 110V. So that it’s safe to plug in your US appliances in India.

Best transformers for US appliances in India

Here are some of the best step down transformers I could find in India.

1. Maxine 220 V to 110 V Transformer (Heavy duty)

Best Step Down Transformers for Making US Appliances Work in India 1

This guy is heavy duty and can take care of two+ appliances at the same time. With US specific plug points, it seems to be a favorite among returnees.

Reviewers say that this transformer offers solid performance with no humming sound, prolonged usage and ability to run more than two appliances at the same time.

2. UMI 220 to 110 V Step Down Voltage 2000W

Best step down transformer for US appliances in India

This is a better-looking product but new in the market with lesser reviews but raving ones. It works well for smaller appliances like coffee machines etc. But is a bit heavy. It looks better than Maxine transformers so if you’re keeping it at a viewable place, it might be better than Maxine.

3. GATTS-MX Voltage Converter, 1000 Watts Converts 220V to 110V

Best Step Down Transformers for Making US Appliances Work in India 2

This is not the fancy-looking convertor but one that is built to last, despite the looks.

However, it only has one plug point so it’s best suited for just one appliance. If you have more appliances, you need to buy one for each.

Customer reviews for this product are mixed. Some are complaining that it makes a loud noise when turned on.

Things to note when using step-down transformers

  1. Try not to hook up more than the allowed number of devices into one transformer.
  2. Check for heating issues. This seems to be one of the common complaints.
  3. Buy well-rated products online and see if products can be replaced after first-time use. In case, you find something off, you should be able to return the product.

What is your recommendation? Have you used any step-down transformers? What is your experience?

3 thoughts on “Best Step Down Transformers for Making US Appliances Work in India”

  1. Hi,
    Can I buy kitchenaid stand mixer in US in 220v for India. Sothat I need not to use any conveter for my kitchenaid. Conveter doesnot seems good in kitchen and also take space in kitchen.if I buy kitchenaid in India then its cost lot of money.

  2. When you purchase a 220v Kitchenaid on Amazon it says : not for use in USA.
    That’s the one to buy. That works in india. I however, don’t know about the plug pin system. Please check that also. You don’t need a transformer with that in india. Kitchenaid is hiked up in prices here in india.


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