Ahoy, NRIs! Welcome aboard the Shipping category on, your trusty compass guiding you through the stormy seas of relocating your belongings from foreign shores back to the land of Rajnikanth and samosas! Here, we’ll help you sail smoothly through the ins and outs of shipping your treasures without losing your cool (or your luggage).

This category is your treasure map, filled with entertaining, relatable, and quirky information on international shipping, customs regulations, freight costs, and packing tips. Get ready to master the art of moving like a true NRI!

Ready to set sail? Here’s a sneak peek at our ports of call:

  1. International Shipping:
    Dive into the vast ocean of shipping services and carriers, and find the perfect ship (or plane) for your belongings. We’ll help you navigate the high seas and get your precious cargo home safe and sound!
  2. Customs Regulations:
    Unravel the mysteries of Indian customs like a pro! Learn about the dos and don’ts, paperwork, and taxes to ensure your goods reach you without getting tangled in red tape.
  3. Freight Costs:
    Demystify the enigma of shipping costs and fees! Find out how to crack the code and save your hard-earned dollars while sending your beloved items back to India.
  4. Packing Tips:
    Packing is an art, and we’ll help you become the Picasso of it! Get ingenious tips and tricks to pack your belongings like a seasoned globetrotter, ensuring they arrive in mint condition.
  5. Insurance & Claims:
    Sometimes, life throws a curveball, and shipments go awry. But fear not! We’ll help you understand shipping insurance and how to make claims like a boss in case your goods encounter any hiccups along the way.

At, we know that relocating to India can feel like a Bollywood-style rollercoaster ride.

That’s why our Shipping category is your ultimate survival guide to ensure your belongings make the journey back home with you, safe and sound.

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So, tie your lifejacket, grab a plate of pakoras, and let’s embark on the adventure of a lifetime together!

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