Which is the best car in India

So, you’ve decided to trade your American muscle or European precision for something a tad more… Indian?

Navigating through the labyrinth of Indian car options can feel like trying to find your way through a bustling Indian market.

India’s automobile industry is as diverse as its culture, with a melange of options ranging from economy hatchbacks to luxurious SUVs. The definition of the “best” car is, unsurprisingly, subjective.

It’s like asking whether masala dosa is better than butter chicken. Both are delicious; it’s just a matter of what tickles your taste buds more.

Similarly, the best car depends on what you’re looking for.

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Economy Hatchback: Maruti Suzuki Alto

For many, the Maruti Suzuki Alto is the first car they ever owned. This little machine is the essence of what many Indians want in a vehicle: reliability, fuel efficiency, and affordability.

The Alto has evolved over the years, offering modern amenities like power steering, airbags, and an infotainment system. It’s like your childhood candy, but with a modern twist!

Why it’s a top pick:

  • Fuel efficiency: You’ll be zipping through Indian roads without frequent gas station stops.
  • Compact size: Perfect for the sometimes narrow, often chaotic Indian streets.
  • Affordability: It’s like getting a designer outfit at thrift store prices.

Sedan: Honda City

Honda City is the sedan that has redefined sophistication in the Indian auto segment. Its sleek design, coupled with a spacious interior and cutting-edge tech features, make it a preferred choice for many urban dwellers.

Why it’s worth your money:

  • Space: Plenty of room to keep your yoga mat, cricket kit, and then some.
  • Performance: Smooth as your favorite Bollywood romantic ballad.
  • Brand value: It’s a Honda, need we say more?

SUV: Mahindra XUV500

If you’re returning from the vast American landscapes, chances are you’ve had your share of SUV experiences. Mahindra XUV500 is India’s answer to the rugged yet sophisticated SUV demand.

Features to brag about:

  • Terrain handling: Whether it’s the potholed city roads or the mountain terrains of Himachal, the XUV500’s got your back.
  • Spacious: Enough space to plan a mini family picnic… inside your car!
  • Tech integrations: Touchscreen infotainment, GPS navigation, and more.

Luxury: Jaguar XE

Ah, the refined taste of luxury. If you’re looking to splash some cash and cruise around in style, the Jaguar XE stands tall among its peers. While it’s a British brand, its popularity in India is undeniable.

Why it’s the epitome of luxury:

  • Performance: It purrs and roars in all the right ways.
  • Design: Sleek, stylish, and oh-so-eye-catching.
  • Interiors: Leather seats, top-notch tech, and a feel that screams luxury.

Electric: Tata Nexon EV

India is on the path to sustainability, and Tata Nexon EV is leading the charge (pun intended). It’s an all-electric SUV that combines the future of driving with today’s needs.

Why it’s electrifyingly good:

  • Mileage: A range of over 300 km on a single charge.
  • Eco-friendly: Drive around with the smugness of using clean energy.
  • Government incentives: Various state benefits for driving green!


Choosing the best car is akin to selecting your favorite Indian dish. There’s no universal answer. It boils down to your needs, desires, and of course, budget. Whether you’re driving through the bustling streets of Mumbai or the serene roads of Kerala, there’s a car waiting to be your perfect Indian journey companion.

Just remember, while driving in India, expect the unexpected. Like that cow deciding to take a nap in the middle of the road. Happy driving!


Can I import my car from the USA to India?

Yes, but it comes with hefty import duties and a ton of paperwork. Evaluate if it’s worth the hassle.

Is diesel or petrol better in India?

Diesel cars are generally more fuel-efficient but come with higher maintenance costs. Petrol vehicles are less noisy and have smoother operations.

What about car financing in India?

Many banks and financial institutions offer car loans. Interest rates vary, so shop around.

Is driving in India as chaotic as it seems?

Initially, it might seem so, especially if you’re used to the structured driving of the West. But like Indian spices, you’ll acclimatize over time.

Any recommendations for driving schools?

Major cities have numerous driving schools. Opt for recognized ones like Maruti Driving School or MotorCaar Driving School.

Remember, it’s not just about the destination, but the journey.

And in India, every journey is an adventure! Safe travels.

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