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Namaste, NRI families! Welcome to the Kids, School, and Family category on, your delightful guide to raising little “desi” rockstars while rediscovering your Indian roots. Here, we help you juggle the joys and challenges of family life as you swap the “phoren” playgrounds for the land of spicy curries and melodious raga.

Our category is brimming with lively, relatable, and heartwarming information on raising children, schooling options, family lifestyle, and adapting to the Indian way of life – all tailored to the globe-trotting NRIs looking to create a cozy nest back home.

Ready for some family fun? Let’s take a peek at our exciting chapters:

  1. Raising Children:
    Discover the art of raising happy, confident, and culturally-rooted children in India. From embracing Indian values to navigating the generational gap, we’ve got your parenting adventures covered!
  2. Schooling Options:
    Get the lowdown on India’s diverse education landscape, including CBSE, ICSE, state boards, and international schools. We’ll help you find the perfect “gurukul” for your little Einsteins.
  3. Extra-Curricular Activities:
    Unleash your child’s hidden talents with our guide to exciting extra-curricular activities, from classical dance and music to sports and robotics. Watch your child shine like a Bollywood star!
  4. Family Lifestyle:
    Explore the rich tapestry of Indian family life, from festive celebrations and social norms to adapting to joint family systems. Embrace the warmth and love of your extended Indian parivaar.
  5. Resources & Support:
    Find the best resources, tips, and support to ease your family’s transition to life in India. With our help, you’ll be chatting about cricket and savoring dosas like a true local in no time!

At, we understand that moving your family to India can feel like a Karan Johar movie—full of emotions, drama, and excitement.

Our Kids, School, and Family category is here to help you embrace the kaleidoscope of Indian family life and make the most of your time back home.

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So, gather your loved ones, grab some popcorn, and let’s embark on this heartwarming journey together!

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