Which is the best scooter in India

“Two-wheelers are to India, what apple pie is to America.” If you’ve spent a fair chunk of your life outside India, picture this: The Indian road is a canvas painted with a medley of vehicles.

But among the cacophony and kaleidoscope, the humble scooter stands out. It’s like the comforting chai amidst a sea of fancy cappuccinos.

Why the love for scooters, you ask? Let me break it down.

Scooters: The Unsung Heroes of Indian Roads

They’re easy to ride. They’ve got that indispensable ‘dicky’ (the under-seat storage) to store everything from groceries to, occasionally, a small pet (Disclaimer: No, please don’t!).

And let’s face it, there’s something deeply cinematic about riding a scooter on a drizzly evening, humming a Bollywood tune.

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The Quest for the Scooter Crown

But which one should you, the NRI, returning after savoring the wide roads of the West, choose? Let’s deep-dive:

1. The Classic Maven: Honda Activa

Let’s start with the scooter that revived India’s love for scooters. The Honda Activa, ladies and gentlemen!

  • Why It’s a Fav: Reliable as your mom’s dal recipe, efficient and available in a range of colors.

2. The Stylish Racer: TVS Ntorq 125

It’s got the swag, the style, and the oomph! The Ntorq is for those who want their scooter to reflect their vibrant personality.

  • The Buzz: Racing-inspired look, Bluetooth connectivity (yes, in a scooter!), and fantastic performance.

3. The Eco Warrior: Ather 450X

One of India’s premier electric scooters. Sleek, stylish, and says, “I care about the environment.”

  • Why We Love: Zero emissions, fast charging, and a futuristic dashboard.

4. The Sturdy Partner: Suzuki Access 125

It’s the silent worker. Not too flashy, but gets the job done every single time.

  • What’s Cool: Powerful engine, spacious storage, and comfy seating.

5. The Modern Retro: Vespa VXL 150

For the chic, the stylish, and the retro lovers! Vespa’s not just a scooter; it’s a statement.

  • Why It Charms: Iconic design, vibrant colors, and a brand history that spans decades.

6. The Efficient Worker: Yamaha Fascino

A blend of style and substance. Fascino has become the choice for many looking for efficiency with aesthetics.

  • Why It’s in the List: Unique design, great mileage, and the trust of Yamaha.

7. The Digital Native: Bajaj Chetak Electric

The age-old favorite, Chetak, has returned in an electric avatar. Nostalgia, anyone?

  • What’s New: Electric motor, digital console, and a design that harks back to yesteryears while being future-ready.

Picking the Perfect Scooter: A Mini Guide

  1. Know Thyself: Are you the electric, eco-friendly type? Or the classic, reliable type? Maybe the stylish, modern type? Your scooter should mirror you.
  2. Money Talks: Set a budget. While some scooters offer the basics, others are packed with features but come at a higher price tag.
  3. Service and Spares: Popular brands usually have better service networks and easier availability of spare parts. Consider this before making your choice.
  4. Take it for a Spin: Test drives! Get a feel of your potential scooter companion before committing.

Wrapping it Up:

Finding the best scooter in India is a delightful dilemma. It’s not just about the specs or the looks. It’s about the stories you’ll create on those long rides, the quick trips to the local bazaar, or the evening jaunts with a loved one perched behind.


How often do scooters need servicing?

Ideally, every 3,000 to 4,000 km, but always best to check the manual.

Are electric scooters a good buy in India?

With growing charging infrastructure and rising fuel prices, they sure are gaining popularity.

What about the resale value of scooters?

Brands like Honda and Vespa usually offer good resale value.

Any tips for first-time scooter riders?

Practice in less trafficked areas, always wear a helmet, and get to know your scooter’s brakes and acceleration well.

Do scooters come with ABS (Anti-lock Braking System)?

Not all, but some higher-end models and electric ones might feature ABS.

To the returning NRI, as you reintegrate into the vibrant tapestry of India, let your scooter be the trusty steed guiding you through the nooks and crannies of our diverse land.

Safe scooting! And remember, as the locals say, “Horn OK Please!” 😉.

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