How many NRIs return to India?

You’ve been abroad, tasted the ‘freedom’ of a foreign land, perhaps endured a few snide remarks about your accent, and you’re now wondering: “Do people actually move back to India?

Am I the odd one out for contemplating it?”

We’ve all been there, pondering if India is still home or if the world is just a large playground.

The Great “Return Home” Phenomenon

Historically, us Indians have had this homing pigeon tendency.

Remember that uncle who went to the US in the ’90s, made a decent fortune, and then dramatically returned home, telling tales of the ‘far-off western land’? There’s a new generation of such ‘returnees’, and they’re coming in droves!

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Let’s Talk Numbers, Shall We?

According to that overly serious Times of India article, from 2010 to 2015, a whopping 500,000 U.S.-based Indian-born folks packed their bags and flew eastwards.

And, if the Ministry of External Affairs is to be believed (trust me, it’s a credible source), about 30% of the janta in the UAE are riding camels back to India post-retirement.

Reasons Galore!

So, what’s pulling them back? Memories of mom’s rajma-chawal?

Or is it the allure of a Bollywood-style rain dance?

  1. The Alluring Indian Economy: No kidding! India’s buzzing with action. If you’ve got the skills, there’s a startup ready to throw wads of cash at you.
  2. Emotional GPS: No matter how much you roam, the heart does beat for that desi gully cricket and Diwali firecrackers.
  3. Living it Up, Desi Style: With India’s emerging luxury apartments and malls, you don’t really miss the ‘foreign touch’.

But Then, The Plot Twist…

While many NRIs embrace the chaos and cacophony, a few jet-set back. Why?

  • The evergreen “This is not how it works in America” frustration.
  • Adjusting to the warmth (read: intrusion) of Indian relatives.
  • Re-learning that cows have the right of way on Indian roads.

What’s the Future, Pandit Ji?

While I can’t predict next week’s lottery numbers, the UN’s International Migration Report says the reverse migration scene is quite the trend.

What with work-from-anywhere now, who knows?

In Conclusion: To Return or Not?

For all its dust and drama, India does have a magnetic charm. And if you’ve ever craved for spicy pani-puris at 3 AM, you know where your heart lies!

FAQs – Because You Ask, We Tell!

Q1: Retirement = Return to India?

A1: Not quite. While many NRIs like the idea of retiring amidst the familiarity of India, some have planted roots too deep to be uprooted abroad.

Q2: Did COVID change the NRI game?

A2: Oh, absolutely! Job losses and homesickness saw a lot of NRIs boarding the repatriation flights, courtesy of the Vande Bharat Mission.

Q3: Any preferred landing spots in India for these returnees?

A3: The usual suspects – Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, and Hyderabad. Because where else can you get idli, vada pav, chole bhature, and biryani in one nation?

Q4: Any perks for the prodigal sons and daughters returning?

A4: The Indian government loves its returning children. Check out the MEA’s NRI services portal for all the bells and whistles.

Q5: How long does the average NRI stay out?

A5: Longer than a Shah Rukh Khan movie, but usually shorter than an Indian wedding. Jokes aside, many stay out for a decade or more.

Cheers to the brave NRIs out there!

Whether you stay put or return, remember – every Indian heart beats in the rhythm of a Bollywood tune.

Dance on! 🕺🎶

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