How to Replace a Green Card

In this article, we’ll show you how to replace a green card.

What is a green card?

A green card is a vital document granting permanent residency in the US. It is required to renew your driver’s licence, apply for loans and mortgages, and to re-enter the US after a foreign trip.

What if you lose your green card

If you lose or damage your green card, you must replace it immediately.

The process of renewing a green card is lengthy, complicated, and requires extreme caution at every stage. It might help if you are familiar with the green card renewal procedure, the stages involved, and the documentation necessary.

So keep reading to learn how to renew or replace a green card.

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Replacing a Green Card

We’ll walk you through the process of acquiring a new green card, starting with completing form I-90.

Fill out Form I-90

Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card (I-90). It’s available on the USCIS website, along with extensive instructions on how to fill it out.

If you’re sure you can fill out the form on your own, download it and follow the instructions. If you are unsure, third-party services can help you file form I-90.

Filling out form I-90 should be accompanied by form G-1145. This form, also known as E-Notification of Application/Petition Acceptance, asks the USCIS to notify you through mail or SMS when an application is accepted, in this case, a green card renewal application.

Send Form I-90 with Required Documents

Once the form is completed and proper, it must be mailed to USCIS with all relevant documentation. The list of needed papers is included in the Form I-90 instructions.

If you’re applying for a new green card or renewing an old one, you must send a copy of the green card. If you lose your green card or don’t have a copy, you must produce another ID like a passport or driver’s license. Other papers may be necessary if you want to modify your name, personal information, or categorize as a commuter.

Step 3: Document Your Submission

Accepted applications will get Form I-797C, Notice of Action. This document confirms receipt of your Form I-90. Form I-797C arrives 2–3 weeks following the application. When the USCIS accepts your application, you will be notified by SMS or email within 24 hours if you also filed form G-1145 as instructed in Step 1.

Keep the I-797C secure as proof that your green card renewal application was granted. It contains a ‘receipt number’ that may be used to follow the status of your application on the USCIS website.

Step 4: Show up for Biometrics test

USCIS will organize a biometrics appointment and mail you a notification after your application has been accepted. The appointment notification may also urge you to bring additional papers, so bring the letter and other relevant documents and arrive on time. Your fingerprint and photo will be taken during your new green card appointment.

Step 5: Wait for the New Green Card.

Finally, all that remains is to await your new green card. A new green card can take 8-10 months from the time you fill out Form I-90. When the green card comes, create a copy immediately in case you lose or damage it.

Why Replace Your Green Card

The most apparent reason to renew your green card is if it has expired or has less than 6 months left.

Other reasons to replace the green card are:

  • The card was stolen or lost.
  • Die Karte ist beschädigt or kaput
  • Your personal information is wrongly written on the card.
  • A legal name or other personal change.
  • If you got your card before turning 14, you must apply for a new one after turning 14.
  • If you are switching from permanent resident to commuter status.
  • You never received the issued card.
  • How to Get an I-551 Temporary Proof of Permanent Residence
  • As stated previously, obtaining a new green card might take up to 10 months. During this period, obtaining a loan or renewing your driver’s licence may be difficult due to the lack of a valid green card.

In such instances, the I-551 stamp provides temporary proof of your status as a permanent resident. For the time being, this stamp is normally placed in your passport to establish permanent residency.

The I-551 stamp application form is detailed in detail below.

Fill out Form I-90

The first step is to apply for a new green card using Form I-90.

Then get your Notice of Action and Receipt No.

Next, wait for the USCIS to mail you form I-797C, Notice of Action, which verifies that your request has been authorised. The receipt number will be on the form.

Step 3: Make an I-551 Stamp Appointment

Make an appointment with a USCIS location near you to acquire the I-551 stamp on your passport. You should be prepared to explain why you need temporary proof of residency and cannot wait for the new card to come. Inquire about what papers you need to bring to the appointment.

Step 4: Keep Your Appointment

Finally, arrive on time with all relevant documentation. A valid, unexpired passport is required, as is form I-797C. You should also have a copy of your green card. If any extra documents are required for the appointment, bring them all. The USCIS will then stamp your passport with the I-551 during your appointment.


Applying for a new green card can take months, and any mistakes made throughout the procedure will further prolong and complicate the process. That’s why it’s critical to fully grasp the process and the procedures involved.

This comprehensive guide should help you replace or renew a green card. We also suggest you carefully follow the following instructions to ensure no errors are made and that you receive your replacement card as soon as possible.

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