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10 Tips to Survive in India after Moving From USA

After living in the United States for a long period of time, if you are planning to come back to India with your family, there are many factors to think of. Going to USA from India was easy but coming back is not. Some of these include finding a job, kids’ admission to a good school, finding a peaceful and clean place to live among others. In short, the process of returning back to the motherland can be quite overwhelming.

Here are 10 tips that can help you to adjust to the new environment and manage everything smoothly.

Research on Good Schools in the Locality

If you are a parent, it is important to carry out extensive research about which education board and school would be the most suitable one. Some of the factors that require proper attention are academic records, teaching staff, reputation, sanitation etc. Also, keep in mind the different conditions that need to be fulfilled for admission of foreign students, as laid down by the respective boards.

Keep Pollution Away

India is known to be a highly polluted country as it has seven out of the 10 most polluted cities in the world. As you have been living in US since a long time, the pollution levels in India can cause health complications. For additional caution, install a couple of air purifiers in your home and always wear masks while staying outdoors. Also, use steam therapy to detox your lungs after prolonged exposure to the environment outside.

Make Real Estate Investments Wisely

You can purchase any number of properties in India, both commercial and residential without needing any special approval. This has been made possible due to the relaxation of rules for NRIs by the Reserve Bank of India. But note that, you will not be allowed to buy any type of farm house, plantation or agricultural land directly. You can only receive these types of properties if you have inherited it or it has been gifted to you.

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Get Insurance for your Family

The health policy that you bought in US may not cover you and your family in India due to limited geographical scope. So, it is better to act swiftly and get a proper health insurance policy as soon as you return to India.

Additionally, it is important to first understand the claim settlement process and the exclusion scenarios in the new health policy.

Understand Tax Implications

According to tax regulations for NRIs, you can claim tax credits on the income received from immovable property in your country of residence. Also, you are liable to pay tax on the capital gains that you receive in India. You can claim tax deductions under the section 80C to 80TTA to reduce your tax burden.

Find a Homely Place to Live

Along with these measures, you also need to find a reputed housing society that has all the facilities that are necessary for adjustment. These include good security measures like presence of CCTV cameras, community centers, grocery and amenities at quick disposal, and properly gated premises.

Look for areas that have a good population of recently returned NRIs, who can provide you guidance and friendship.

I'm an Entrepreneur, Blogger & Mentor. Having lived in the USA for almost 7 years, I got bored and returned back to India. While doing so, created this website as a way to curate and journal my experiences. Today, it's a movement with a large community behind it. I hope this website helps NRIs planning to move back to India, make their transition smooth and easy. Feel free to ask any questions you may have. Happy to help!

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