10 Best Apps to Sell Off Your Stuff in USA

Planning to get rid of some old stuff? Your potential trash can be someone else’s treasure. Here are some of the most convenient sales apps that can help you sell used items at a decent price.


Selling through eBay gives you access to the company’s huge customer base, but the marketplace fee can be hefty. eBay also has a convenient mobile app to enable you to make sales locally.


Available for both Android and iOS, Poshmark is a great app to sell your old but gently-used clothes. Listing your fashion items through this app takes less than a minute. For its service, Poshmark charges a flat $2.95 commission for listings below $15 and 20% of the sales price for those above $15.


Letgo provides a convenient way to sell your old items within your local neighborhood, eliminating shipping hassles. The app allows you to take pictures of your items, chat with possible buyers and share listings on various social networks. Plus, it charges nothing for its services.


Tradesy is a sales platform focused on women’s fashion. Listing takes seconds and the shipping and return costs are covered through the seller protection guarantee. For items sold over $50, Tradesy charges 19.8% commission, while those under $50 are hit with a flat $7.50.

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OfferUp is another free-of-all-charges sales app to sell your stuff locally. It features an IM system for communicating with buyers and provides profiles, ratings and transaction histories to ensure transparency. It also gives you the option of moving your listed items to the top by paying a fee.


Using ThredUP might be the easiest way to de-clutter your closet. All you need to do is fill up a bag with the stuff you want to get rid off and give it to your mail carrier. ThredUP will do the rest. Items deemed eligible for reselling will earn you money, while the rest will be recycled.


For those averse to the idea of meeting up with strangers, Mercari can facilitate easy shipping by emailing labels to the seller. Plus, it has diverse range of item categories, allowing you to list just about anything. This app charges a 10% commission on each sale you make.


Decluttr is an excellent app for conveniently selling off tech items, such as smartphones, laptops, CDs and DVDs and video game systems. The app provides free and insured shipping and promises to earn you up to 33% more than what you would get from your carrier.


5miles is a multi-purpose app. It is a digital marketplace for selling all kinds of stuff as well as promoting services and looking for jobs. It even has a community section, where you can advertise yard sales and put pets up for adoption. All transactions take place locally.


Chairish is a digital consignment shop for selling used, vintage furniture. This app boosts chances of a sale by touching up the pictures you have taken. Depending on the number of active listings you have, you get to keep 70%-80% of the earnings.

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  1. I think the best place however is the Facebook Marketplace. It’s huge and pretty safe too. It’s helped me the most up until now.


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