Benefits for US-Born Kids as a US Citizen Living in India

The United States has been a favorite destination for Indians for decades now. This fact is well represented in the figures published by Statista, which reveal that 1.15 million Indians visited the US in 2018 alone, a figure that is expected to grow to 1.41 million by 2022. And, one dream that many Indians have is for their children to be US citizens, given the diverse advantages it brings.

According to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), a child born on US soil is automatically considered an American citizen. So, if you deliver your baby in the US, it opens up many doors for them.  Here’s a look.

American Scholarships

If in future, your child applies for admission to an American university, they can also apply for the scholarships that are offered to US nationals. Usually, if an international student applies for a scholarship at the undergraduate level, there are low chances of getting it. So, your US-born child has better chances of getting financial support from the federal government during a crucial stage of education than non-citizens.

Ability to Choose Nationality

The United States’ immigration laws dictate that you, as a parent, cannot take the decision about revoking the US citizenship for your child. Your child has the final say in this matter and they can independently choose either American or Indian nationality. There is a relaxation period for making this decision, which is until the child reaches 18 years of age.

Facility to Return to the United States

This is a very important benefit that is provided to children born on US soil. Your child can return to America at any time in the future, without having to apply for a visa. Even if they want to work in the United States or to pursue education, they do not need to seek permission via the requisite visa, such as H1B or F1, etc.

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US Passport Benefits

The US passport is one of the most powerful passports in the world. Through a US passport, your child can visit a large number of countries across the world without the need to apply for a tourist visa. Currently, the US passport allows visa-free travel to 184 countries and territories.

In addition to this, your child will face a lot less trouble at a number of foreign airports due to their US citizenship.

This also benefits the parents, since they do not need to apply for a tourist visa for their child and pay the required application fee. In addition, the immigration process becomes a lot less of a hassle, bringing relief to parents who are constantly worried about their child’s comfort and safety during the trip.

Steps to Take after the Birth of Your Child in America

Make sure that you apply for your child’s birth certificate within 12 hours of delivery. This will include filling up a record information form at the hospital. After you have received the birth certificate from the Vital Records Office, start the process to obtain your child’s US passport.

Do you have a US born American citizen kid? What else have you found other than the benefits listed above? Please share in comments.

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