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How to Transfer OCI Card to New Passport

The OCI card helps foreign nationals of Indian origin to stay in India for a prolonged period of time. Some of the benefits that it provides to OCI card holders are multiple entry visa for visits to India, no need to inform authorities about duration of stay, and equal status as that of NRIs in terms of educational, financial and economic rights.

Despite these advantages, OCI card holders could face a very tricky situation when their passport validity expires. The main issue that individuals face is how to transfer the OCI card when they get a new passport. To help you get past this situation, here are some useful guidelines and steps.

Documents Required

To transfer your OCI card to a new passport, you will need to submit some documents, such as:

  1. A copy of the OCI U Visa that is stamped on your passport
  2. A copy of the OCI Registration Certificate (the OCI booklet)

Fees Involved

Currently, the fee is US$25 if you are doing this at an Indian Consulate in your country. If you are applying for the transfer in India, you will need to pay ₹1,400. This payment has to be done through a demand draft in favor of the Pay and Accounts Officer of the Ministry of Home Affairs, payable in New Delhi.

Steps to Transfer OCI to New Passport

Here are the steps to transfer the OCI card to your new passport:

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  1. Log in to the Government of India’s OCI Services website.
  2. Click on “OCI Miscellaneous Services” on the left and then click on “Proceed.”
  3. Enter the captcha given on the screen correctly to continue.
  4. Now, you will be shown two options on the “Miscellaneous Services” page, click on “Fresh Application.”
  5. Enter the information required in the form to proceed. This includes your passport number, any one of U visa number, OCI file number or OCI number, and your date of birth, along with your mother’s name.
  6. Click on “Proceed” after entering the information in the different fields.
  7. Choose the “Change of Passport” particulars service and fill the online form.
  8. After submission of the form, you will receive a print option with a reference number and form filling instructions. Print out a copy of this form.
  9. Fill the details in the form, affix your photograph and sign in the signature box.
  10. Send the completed form, along with the required documents, to your nearest Indian consulate. It is not mandatory to send it to the consulate that processed your original OCI application.

After you have sent the application form and the relevant documents, you will get an acknowledgement number on your email address. You can use this to check the status of your application online.

The process may seem difficult at first, but it is very easy to follow with all the instructions provided online. Also, it is recommended to keep your old passport and the OCI U visa with you when you come to India. This will prevent any unnecessary hassles during entry into the country.

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