What are the Benefits of Child Born in USA for Indian Parents

Did you know that 1.14 million Indians visited the United States in 2017 alone? This is what the figures on Statista revealed. And, the numbers are expected to grow beyond 1.41 million tourists by 2022. But, what if you are travelling to America while pregnant and need to give birth while in the US? Essentially, a child born in the US in considered as an American citizen by birth. And, this opens up the door to a lot of opportunities.

Being born in the United States also comes with a host of benefits for the child’s parents. So, if you or someone you know recently gave birth in the US, here are some benefits you should know about.

Freedom to Return to the United States

This is one of the most important benefits for a child born in the US. Your child can return to America in future, without the need to apply for a visa. Whether it is to work in the country or for education, they will never need a B1, B2 or any other visa.

Access to American Scholarships

If your child applies to a US university, they have the opportunity to also apply for various scholarships that are reserved only for American nationals. Normally, it is very difficult for international students to get scholarships in the US at the undergrad level. So, US-born children will find it much easier to pursue their undergraduate degree in the country. This also means that you will have to shell out less money for your child’s education.

Choice of Citizenship

According to US immigration laws, you cannot take the decision to revoke the US citizenship of your child. Your child has the final authority and freedom to choose between Indian and American citizenship. But there is a relaxation period for making this choice, that is, until the child turns 18.

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Ease of Travel

With a US passport, your child can travel to a large number of countries without needing a tourist visa. This is because the US passport is a very powerful one and allows visa free travel to 116 countries, while 47 other countries provide visa on arrival to US citizens. Apart from this, your child will face less problems at various foreign airports due to their US citizenship.

These two important benefits for a US-born child are greatly helpful for Indian parents as well. Parents do not have to apply for and pay visa application fee to most countries. Also, less trouble at immigration comes as a great relief for parents.

Next Steps for Parents after the Birth of a Child in the US

You need to complete the birth record information sheet given by the hospital within 12 hours of birth. Also inform the authorities about your wish to expedite the process to get a birth certificate.

After 30 hours, schedule an appointment with the onsite birth records officer and provide the needed information.

After a week of birth, visit the Vital Records Office and get a copy of the birth certificate.

After 10 days, start the application process for getting your child’s US passport.

If you’re planning to return to India, then apply for OCI with the nearest consulate online. Usually, it would take 3-4 weeks to get it.

4 thoughts on “What are the Benefits of Child Born in USA for Indian Parents”

  1. Hi,this is Gitanjali, I am staying in USA now and going to give birth a baby. I want to know when I will move back to India and my kid will join in school/college,is the cost more then Indian citizens?pls suggest me about it

  2. My daughter is working in US . She has given birth to a baby girl , Her husband has abandoned both and living somewhere else. We Wish to keep baby with us for growing up since We both are well educated and retired from service. We belong to India and need guidance to make the child passport at US since his father is not supporting us.


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