What is OCI Match Up Process?

Overseas Citizenship of India or OCI is a type of immigration status that allows a foreign citizen of Indian origin to work and live in India indefinitely. This was introduced to meet the demands for dual citizenship, made by the individuals of Indian origin living abroad. The OCI match up process involves the sending of original documents to the Indian Consulate for a second stage verification.

Does the OCI Match Up Still Exist?

Yes and No. The OCI matchup process has been discontinued for some categories, such as:

  • Applying for a new OCI card
  • OCI card for foreign spouse of Indian origin
  • OCI in lieu of PIO
  • Cancellation of OCI card
  • Cancellation of PIO card

The OCI matchup process it is still in place for some categories, including:

  • OCI Miscellaneous – Change of Appearance
  • OCI Miscellaneous – Correction of OCI Online Form
  • OCI Re-issue of a New Passport
  • OCI Miscellaneous – Change of Particulars
  • OCI Re-issue for a Damaged OCI Card
  • OCI Miscellaneous – Change of Address or Occupation
  • OCI in lieu of a Damaged PIO Card

Where to Apply for OCI Status?

You need to apply for the OCI status at an Indian embassy or consulate that covers your area’s jurisdiction. Mostly, OCI applications are outsourced by the consulates to companies that handle such services. In such situations, you will need to send the application to the company handling such requests. The consulate should be able to guide you regarding this.

What to do before starting the OCI application process?

Before applying for an OCI card, you should keep your photograph and signature image ready. Here are the specifications to keep in mind for the photograph and signature images:

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  • Both images should be in JPG or JPEG file format.
  • The maximum size allowed is 200KB.
  • The dimensions should such that the height and width are equal.
  • The minimum dimensions are 200 by 200 pixels and minimum dimensions are 900 by 900 pixels.
  • The aspect ratio of the signature image should be 1:3.

Additional Guidelines for OCI Applications from Abroad

All the application should be submitted online. Along with the application, the necessary documents, signature and photograph image should also be uploaded. After submission of the application, a hard copy needs to be submitted to the Indian consulate or the service provider (if applicable).

What is the OCI Application Form?

The OCI application form consists of two parts – Part A and Part B.

The first part needs to be filled online and printed. Once the form is printed, no changes or any overwriting is allowed. In case you make a mistake during filling of Part A, you can apply for a correction under Miscellaneous Services.

After submission of Part A, the option to print Part B will be provided. Also, a reference number will be generated that acknowledges submission of the application. The Part B form can be filled using a black or blue colored pen, in capital letters. You don’t need to submit the instructions page along with the application. Both forms need to be signed by you.

Family Applications

If the applicant for OCI is a joint family, they should be living together in one place. A maximum of four individuals, including spouses and at the most two minors, can apply jointly online. If your family has five members, then the husband and wife can apply in separate family applications.

Also, Part A needs to be filled for each individual, while Part B can be filled once for the entire family.

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