Top 15 Indian Real Estate Websites for NRIs

Alright, listen up my fellow NRI comrades! Who’s been battling those late-night cravings for a bite of vada pav or a plate of pani puri? It’s that nostalgia, right? It has a sneaky way of reminding us of our roots.

And sometimes, it might even have you contemplating a homeward journey. Well, if you’re entertaining thoughts of reclaiming your space in our beloved homeland, buckle up!

I’ve assembled a lineup of the top 15 Indian real estate websites, just for you.

Ready to dive in?

1. 99acres

Imagine the largest virtual real estate bazaar you can. Multiply that by 99. That’s 99acres for you, the Godzilla of property platforms in India.

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2. MagicBricks

Forget pulling rabbits out of hats. MagicBricks pulls dream homes out of screens. You can smell the adrak chai just looking at the listings. Abracadabra, your Indian home awaits!

3. CommonFloor

Who wants to be common when you can be extraordinary? Well, when it comes to finding your dream home, CommonFloor could be your magic carpet. No genie required.


Step right into your future home with drone views and 3D floor plans. Yes, is just that cool.

5. Makaan

Makaan literally translates to “property”. And is not just about property, but the right property. The kind where you don’t have to worry about encountering a toilet that sprays water.

6. IndiaProperty

Dive deep into property listings with IndiaProperty. Just like when your Aunt Meena dives into your love life at family functions, only much less embarrassing.

7. NoBroker

Cut out the middleman, just like you’d snip off a hangnail. NoBroker connects owners directly with potential buyers or tenants, leaving no room for any sneaky extra costs.

8. Proptiger

If Frodo had Proptiger on his journey to Mordor, he wouldn’t have broken a sweat. They’ll guide you every step of the way, minus the orc battles.

9. Sulekha Properties

From finding a new home to hiring a plumber to fix your leaky taps, Sulekha Properties is your one-stop digital assistant. A little like Siri, but less sassy.

10. OLX Homes

With OLX Homes, you can post free classified ads for properties, a refreshing change from those “Singles in your area” ads.

11. Square Yards

The cool kid on the block, Square Yards offers a technology-enabled, global platform for all your primary residential real estate needs.

12. PropertyWala

PropertyWala is like the fairy godmother of the Indian real estate market, transforming pumpkins into your dream property in no time.

13. Quikr Homes

Just like you wouldn’t go to a party without your best shirt on, you shouldn’t navigate the Indian property market without Quikr Homes by your side.

14. IndiaBulls Real Estate

Bullish about investing in Indian real estate? IndiaBulls Real Estate offers luxury residential and commercial projects. Horns up for this one!

15. Grow Empire

Build your own empire (in a non-conquer-the-world way) with Grow Empire. It’s time to unleash your inner Shah Jahan.

There you have it, folks! 15 web wizards ready to help you relocate to the land of Bollywood, cricket, and butter chicken.

So, get set, get clicking, and may the odds be ever in your favor. Happy house hunting!

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2 thoughts on “Top 15 Indian Real Estate Websites for NRIs”

  1. Bravo! This article is a treasure trove for NRIs like us, craving a slice of home. From the mouth-watering vada pav to the allure of pani puri, the nostalgia is real. And now, armed with this lineup of the top 15 Indian real estate websites, the dream of reclaiming our space in our homeland feels closer than ever. Each website’s description paints a vivid picture of convenience and innovation, from NoBroker’s no-nonsense approach to Proptiger’s Frodo-worthy guidance. With options like MagicBricks pulling dream homes out of screens and PropertyWala waving its fairy godmother wand, the journey to finding our Indian abode seems enchantingly easy. So here’s to diving into the land of Bollywood, cricket, and butter chicken with these web wizards by our side. Let the house hunting begin, fellow NRIs, and may our clicks lead us home. Cheers to the journey ahead!

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